We have been moving with all our stuff since December 2023. Our new location is the Stadtwirtschaft. Unfortunately, we are therefore unable to offer an open workshop for the time being. Visit our homepage regularly to find out the latest news from us.

Federation and cooperation

Existing connections

The Fab Foundation

The Fab Foundation

The Fab Foundation is the collaborative founder network and the initiative for all official FabLab sub-organizations and thus the provider of our name "FabLab Chemnitz". We are therefore part of the global Fab Lab Network (

Verbund Offener Werkst├Ątten

Verbund Offener Werkst├Ątten e.V.

We have been a member of the Verbund Offener Werkst├Ątten since February 2016 and are therefore another small sliver of the network, helping to spread the guidelines and operating principles of open workshops. We attend the annual general meeting of the VOW every year whenever possible and always look forward to this special event.

Saxon Industrial Museum

The Saxon Industrial Museum and Stadtfabrikanten e.V. have been cooperation partners since the end of October 2019. We are delighted about the joint collaboration for the Year of Saxon Industrial Culture 2020, specifically with the 4th Saxon State Exhibition and the "Maschinenboom" showcase exhibition in Chemnitz, for which we realized the Trikarus project. We are also in constant communication on various other topics and events.

ART around

ART around

Sebastian Nikolitsch with his project "ART around" has been a loyal companion of our association since the very beginning. We have already managed a number of events together and are grateful for his commitment, even in difficult times such as Covid-19. Without Sebastian, many things would not have taken place.


The Stadtwirtschaft is the intervention area for the gathering of diverse artistic, musical, technical and socio-cultural types, including us Stadtfabrikanten e.V. - Together with the team of Kreatives Chemnitz, we are involved in the long-term revitalization, development and co-design of the southern Sonnenberg.

AJZ Bauspielplatz

AJZ Bauspielplatz

The Bauspielplatz as a project of the AJZ (Alternatives Jugendzentrum e.V.), represented by Timo Gro├č, is a really great place on Lessingplatz for our young people to get active. As neighboring initiatives, we now organize one or two events together. We hope that this alliance will not be affected by our move from Philippstra├če.

Stadtbibliothek Chemnitz

Stadtbibliothek Chemnitz has been a cooperation partner with Stadtfabrikanten e.V. since 2017 - together we organize events at different locations that bring together various interests. We have also been a project partner for the BibLab-C format since 2020.

Hand in Hand e.V.

We have been a proud member of Hand in Hand e.V. since May 2023. We look forward to working together on various initiatives in our cultural district of Chemnitz.

ASA-FF Gr├╝ndungsgarage

In 2023, we countersigned a letter of intent to collaborate with the Gr├╝ndungsgarage and look forward to generating thematic and content-related exchanges in the future. We are very confident that this will work out well, as we will have short distances for a consistent exchange as neighbors in the Stadtwirtschaft.

Kraftwerk e.V.

We are currently working with Holm from Kraftwerk e.V. (since February 2024) on a cooperation for a mini maker space at Kraftwerk. We are excited to see what we will spin out of it together.

Netzwerk f├╝r Kultur- und Jugendarbeit e.V.

The Netzwerk f├╝r Kultur- und Jugendarbeit e.V. is a voluntary association of mainly non-profit organizations, associations and initiatives in Chemnitz. The network acts on the basis of democratic decisions and open and transparent working structures.

We have also been a member since 16.05.2019 and look forward to working together.

Kreatives Chemnitz e.V.

We are a regular member of Kreativen Chemnitz e.V. and are therefore part of the large creative network!

Former cooperations

Sometimes projects come to an end and topics are not taken up again or alliances are not renewed. There are many reasons for this. But it doesn't have to stay that way. For historical reasons, we are happy to continue to list this.


Verein zur Beruflichen F├Ârderung und Ausbildung e. V. (VBFA)

Verein zur Beruflichen F├Ârderung und Ausbildung e. V. (VBFA) - non-profit and charitable organization for the implementation of measures for the socio-educational and economic care of young people and people in need, and former cooperation partner of Stadtfabrikanten e.V.

Chemnitz University of Technology

From 2016 to 2017, we collaborated with Chemnitz University of Technology and Saxeed on a two-year project called "Ideenwerkstatt".


From 2016 to 2017, we collaborated with Chemnitz University of Technology and Saxeed on a two-year project called "Ideenwerkstatt".

auf weiter flur e.V.

Together with project manager Agnes Bohley from the organization auf weiter flur e.V., we worked on the project "Tradition weiterspinnen" (Spinning tradition further) and linked handicrafts and tradition with our input.