We have been moving with all our stuff since December 2023. Our new location is the Stadtwirtschaft. Unfortunately, we are therefore unable to offer an open workshop for the time being. Visit our homepage regularly to find out the latest news from us.

FabLab Chemnitz

Our main project is the FabLab Chemnitz: the open DIY workshop in Chemnitz. We offer access to knowledge about tools and methods of digitally supported and analog production. We focus on topics such as machine-controlled production, traditional craftsmanship and general technology issues in society. We screw, develop, test, tinker, mix and try things out together. We are part of the maker community and live this in very different material dimensions such as 3D printing, wood, metal, plastic, textiles, electronics, analog and digital and things in between, below, above and beside.

Open workshops are places of craftsmanship, computer-controlled production processes and digital technologies that you can help shape and use. They are all united by the idea of sharing knowledge, tools and machines, technology and materials.

- Verbund Offener Werkstätten (original text translated into English)

Our offer

Workshop, tools, machines, ideas, creative exchange platform and hemisphere for "Do it together" or "Do it with others". The FabLab is as versatile as you are, because you can actively help shape it and contribute to making the FabLab a little more colorful.

Differentiation from profit-oriented use

We work mostly on a voluntary basis, we are not service providers and therefore we are not the producers of your idea. If, for example, you only want something from one of our 3D printers or something milled from us, but have no interest in club life, knowledge sharing or DIY in general, then we recommend the local manufacturing industry or various internet service providers instead, who will take the time to deal with your request and charge reasonable prices.

Open Lab and opening hours

FabLab Chemnitz (EN)

Open workshop every Wednesday from 4 to 8 pm! *

* Current changes and further information can be found in our calendar. Or have a look at our blog.

Our entire focus is on the principle of helping people to help themselves - enabling them to use complex machines and workshop areas independently, sensibly and appropriately. We will be happy to show you how the technology works and what it can do in our open workshop. Take a look around and get to know us and our technical diversity. During our opening hours, you can try out and use various things together with our members.

However, if you want to work on your own, you must accept our terms of use and join as an active member for liability reasons. For more complex machines such as our CNC milling machine or our 3D printers, (more intensive) instruction is also required beforehand, which unfortunately cannot take place in the open workshop.

How to reach us

The Stadtwirtschaft is only about 1.6 km from both the central bus stop and the main railway station. The official route to us is via the large entrance gate on Schüffnerstraße. The access routes via Jakobstr., Zietenstr. and Augustusburger Str. are currently not open to the public. If you arrive by car, please park on Schüffnerstraße outside the grounds.

By public transport

  • by tram line 5 - you can get off at the stops Tschaikowskistr. (approx. 300 meters by foot) or Reineckerstr. (approx. 200 meters by foot)
  • by bus line 31 - stop Zietenstr. - approx. 700 meters by foot
  • by bus line 62 - bus stop Rudolfstr. - approx. 850 meters by foot
  • by bus line 82 - bus stop Uferstr. - approx. 500 meters by foot