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Makers Mobility - a Vulca visit

Von Mario Voigt, 20. September 2020

Today Alex Rousselet with his Vulca the Van visited us again to talk about the latest topics of the makers mobility program. He came directly from Manzat, France and took the long way up to saxony. We are happy about getting in touch again with you and your great work for the european maker movement. Alex is part of the Vulca network, which is a non-profit organisation with the mission to bring citizens ideas to EU policy makers using a bottom-up approach. With this small blog entry we'd like to help spreading information about Vulca program.

Hopefully if the time and Corona allow, we can meet up at the upcoming Vulca Seminar 2021. We wish you a good travel to reach out all the spaces you plan :) Cheers to the Dresden community as well.

- Do it together, because together is better!