Function is like "Modify Path → Add Nodes" but it provides additional features like

  • splitting path into disconnected sub paths (break apart)
  • choose units

(info) Please note that the plugin will sub-divide each path segment (from path handle to path handle). So it does not split the whole curve into given amount of piece like acting "as one item". Each bezier segment is it's own element.

Note that "Live preview" will only work if "Break apart" is not selected

(info) Tip: Breaking apart the curve can also be done by

Selecting the path and show handles

Select all handles and break

Break apart the path


(info) Tip: Splitted paths can be combined again nearly the same look like before by

Example for bezier path

Draw some curve and split it up running the extension

Duplicate the path

CTRL + D to duplicate. We use this to check the quality of simplification

Run Path → Simplify

As you can see the result  has other handles than before. The right image shows a black curve (curve before simplification), the green shows the simplified curve. You can see that the curve is not exactly the same. So we can say that simplification for bezier curves is not the best in all use cases, but it will work absolutely fine for straight line segments

Example for path with straight line segments only

Draw some curve and split it up running the extension

Run Path → Simplify

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