Original description:

This extension changes the Inkscape interface into a simpler one.

It hides quite some elements from the menus and toolbars so that a more basic version of the interface remains. This can be useful for educational purposes. It is very easy to use and you can always go back to the default Inkscape user interface.

After installing the extension, you restart Inkscape, open the menu 'Extensions', submenu 'Interface' and then 'Simple Inkscape'. It explains itself.

This extension was made in collaboration with @Kirstie, one of the users of the Inkscape forum and writer of a very good Dutch book about Inkscape. She made the changes to the ui, I made the extension that installs or removes them.

There are two forum topics about this extension.

It works in Windows and Linux for Inkscape 1.0 and above.

Lower versions of Inkscape will not work.

Mac is currently not supported since I have no Mac to test it on. It will simply give an error message on Mac. If anyone who has a Mac wants to help me test it, I believe I can make it work for Mac as well. Please contact me if you want to help me with it.

If you have questions - please feel free to ask.

I would also be interested to know if the extension is used and what it is used for so that I can keep that in mind for future versions. So if use it - leave a post if you like.

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