Open the target graphic

Copy the image and make overlay at exakt same position (Ctrl + D)

Run Extension "Kerf Width Offset" with 0 Offset at copy

Select the copy object and run the extension

This generates an outline with 2 closed contours in example.

Make the initial graphic invisible for the following steps to have better control (eg. add it to a layer and disable visualization for it)!

Combine all outlines of offset contours (Ctrl + K)

Create some horizontal line

Make a quick pattern with clone tool

Edit → Clone → Create Tiled Clones

Adjust the position of those lines regarding to the target graphic

Ideally put them at the height of small islands

Select all horizontal raster lines and run extension "Apply Transformations"

This will remove the internal transformation (comes from Cloning tool). Otherwise you cannot continue to work with those lines!

Combine those lines to have one single path

Lower the single path to bottom

Cut the horizontal lines

Make use of the tool "Difference" (Ctrl+-)

Make the main graphic visible again and adjust fill/stroke


  • This technique
    • can also be use to make vertical or other kinds of weeding lines!
    • does only work for the outermost contours. If there are big isles inside the graphics this has to be solved another way. I think Chain Paths can be used for this!

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