This plugin replaces text strings and other XML data from a generic SVG template to make a set of parametric files for output. It replaces strings in template with data from a CSV file and exports to multiple file formats (png, svg, ps, eps, pdf). This can be useful for automatically generating conference badges and similar items.

Some additional hints:

  • link any image that you want to use as a placeholder (don't embed)
  • put the replacement images into the same directory as the placeholder, so you only need to replace the name (didn't work for full file paths, for some reason sed complained, even with backslashes and quotes (also without))
  • the CSV file must end with an empty line
  • Source of old documentation:
  • Source of new documentaion (Moini's Fork):
  • If you like to use symbols like & < > in your text you need to escape them in your CSV like this: "1. Stellvertreter &amp; Schriftführer" → this get's "1. Stellvertreter & Schriftführer"

Enter your parameters

We use data to test out the plugin

Create / adjust your input CSV file for replacements


name, occupation, bg_col, photo
"Ada Lovelace", Programmer, #3accd1, 1.png
"Alan Turing", Code Breaker, "#e78940", 2.png
"Linus Torvalds", "Kernel Developer, Linux Founder", #de88d9, 3.png
Tux, Mascot, #bed7ff, 4.png

Example output

According to your selected output format you will receive PNG, PDF or other files

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