This plugin will generate one centroid dot for the complete selection of path(s).

There are two options in the dialog:

  • Number of linear segments per curve, default 100. The more linear segments used the more precise the centroid will be. Generally increasing the number of segments is only necessary for complex curves.
  • Radius of output centroid, default 10. Controls how large the output "dot" used to mark the centroid is.

Assumptions / Requirements

  1. The selected path(s) are closed
  2. The selected path(s) do not intersect
  3. If multiple paths are selected, there is one outer path which completely encloses the inner paths, and (1) and (2) hold true for each path

Multiple closed paths that are not contained within each other are not supported.

Additional notes for clearance

  • for calculation you do not need to do combine 2 paths into one (by Ctrl + K) and you do not need to do path operations like exclude, union, intersect, .... Just select 1 or more closed paths which meet the upper mentioned requirements

Working example


Removed from Suite because InkScape standards already provide this functionality in a better way

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